Sarah Braman


b. 1970, Tonawanda, New York

Notions of materiality and form are at the centre of Sarah Braman’s innovative painting and sculpture. Echoing Gordon Matta-Clark’s ‘building cuts’, Braman produces works that revel in their own comic impracticality. By elaborately deconstructing and rebuilding cars, beds and other quotidian bodies, she draws our attention to the mortality of objects, and underscores the processes of mass-manufacture that fuel the modern world. Braman’s two-dimensional works, plywood arrangements painted in sunset hues, similarly use geometry to emphasise their construction but with a subtlety more typical of the great Abstract Expressionists.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Time Machine (I lost my mind), 2012 Aluminum, plexi, paint 59 x 50 x 22 in | 149.9 x 127 x 55.9 cm
Mind Raft, 2016 Acrylic paint and fabric dye on plywood 121.9 x 129.5 cm | 48 x 51 in