Matt Hansel


Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY

Matthew Hansel’s work wrestles with the concept of the self and the human desire to be seen and remembered. He combines the rigor of traditional European painting with the conceits of 20th century conceptual art. His hyper-­‐‑real painting contrasts traditional method with humour and satire. Thinking of his works as re-­‐‑enactments, Hansel juxtaposes past and present. He duplicates, doubles, mirrors and inserts himself into the works. Using a mix of humour and pathos, Hansel asks us to recognize the way we see ourselves through others.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Momento Mori, 2017 Oil and flashe paint on linen 52 x 42 in | 132 x 107 cm
One Man’s Reason To Leave Is Another’s To Stay , 2017 Oil and flashe paint on linen 70 x 58 in |178 x 147.4 cm
In Remembrance of Things to Come, 2017 Oil and Flashe on Linen 60 x 48 in | 152.5 x 122 cm