Alicja Kwade


The polish artist Alicia Kwade (b.1979) lives and works in Berlin. Primarily focused on sculpture but often straying into photography and video, Kwade’s practice centres on a compelling series of mind exercises: thought experiments with space and time that jump into parallel worlds and wildly imaginative explorations of what’s real and what’s not. In her sculptures (as well as installations, photographs and films), Kwade employs the structural properties of everyday objects, frequently using imperfect doubling, mirror images, and repetition in her practice. Common materials of little to no value such as glass, wood and copper are transformed via elaborate, alchemical operations. Through these physical shifts Kwade proposes new meaning and value.

Alicia Kwade’s works are part of private and public collections around the world such as The Zabludowicz Collection and The Ludwig Foundation in Vienna. In 2019, she had her work ParaPivot installed in the Rooftop of The Metropolitan Museum in New York and her solo exhibition in The Langen Foundation, titled Kausalkonsequenz, was set to open in 2019 and it is now rescheduled for 2020.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Treibwerk, 2016 8 coins 14 1/4 x 11 1/2 in | 36 x 29 cm
Relativer Zustand, 2015, Stone, Aluminium, mirror, powder coated steel, 178 x 135 x 102.5 cm