Zane Lewis


b. San Antonio, Texas 1981

Zane Lewis is an American Visual Artist based in Brooklyn, New York. With a practice that has changed drastically over the course of his career, the artist considers himself foremost a conceptual painter. He first became known for his “Drip Paintings” (2005-2010), featuring found or pop cultural images and multi-colored cascades of paint. For these works, Lewis developed a technique that allowed the different paint colors to combine without mixing, and to retain a wet look. Since 2009, he has been working on “Shatter Paintings,” in which shards of glass appear to be embedded into a painting’s surface. Lewis describes this series as a turning point, when he became “more interested in apparitions than specific imagery,” and making “painting that never looks the same way twice.” Other works include a series of hand- made holographic paintings.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Untitled (ZL260-14), 2014 Acrylic lacquer on canvas with aluminium stretcher frame 224 x 163 cm / 88 x 64 in