Rashid Johnson


Born 1977 in Chicago. Lives and works in New York.

Rashid Johnson is among an influential cadre of contemporaryAmerican artists whose work employs a wide range of media to explore themes of art history, individual and shared cultural identities, personal narratives, literature, philosophy, materiality, and critical history. Johnson’s work is known for its narrative embed-ding of a pointed range of everyday materials and objects frequently referencing collective aspects of African American cultural identity.

Johnson’s frenetically drawn, iconic faces confront the viewer with a visceral immediacy. Rashid Johnson’s ‘Anxious Men’ series depicts deceptively crude archetypal faces expressing the fundamental tensions and traumas that course through contemporary life.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Untitled Anxious Red Drawing, 2020 Oil on cotton rag 76.2 x 55.9 cm | 30 x 22 in