Paula Kamps


Paula Kamps (b.1990, Germany) explores mediums traditionally considered external to painting. She developed a technique midway between water colour and drawing, she uses ink to “stain” the canvas. Eventually these stains reveal figures and scenarios. Kamps grew up in Germany and has moved to Chicago in recent years where she was exposed to a radical geographical displacement and cultural difference. Experiencing new everyday situations and  environmental upheaval influenced her work. She relates in this new body of work what she calls “diaristic narrative”. The artist speaks of the canvas as a skin permeated with feelings. The very manufacture of the stretched canvas-by a superimposition of various textile canvases (linen or muslin) or transparent polyester on paper-creates a layering effect that plunges us into a dualism. The artist uses, among conventional brushes, the technique of airbrushing. She has had a number of solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the US. Kunsthaus Mettman (Germany), Lille Carl (Denmark), Sans Titre (France), LeBlanc (US) and she has an upcoming show in Hong Kong at Mine Project.

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