Mariana Oushiro


Mariana Oushiro’s pictorial language is rooted in the choreography of movement and shaped by the artist’s ability to remain exquisitely in tune with her own subconscious. Her gestural marks are powerful but intimate, with the flow of each stroke revealing a simultaneously cerebral and intuitive approach to line, colour, and composition. Oushiro draws inspiration from elements of the natural world and her belief in a higher natural order.In conjuring her paintings, she draws upon her impressions of the topographies of agricultural landscapes in Brazil, the sensation of buoyancy in water, sacred geometries, architecture, and science. Her family’s heritage, originating in Japan and Brazil, informs her philosophical and aesthetic frameworks and has shaped the development of her artistic language as an idiom of abstraction.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Jolly, 2022 | Charcoal, pastel, and oil on canvas