Lynne Drexler


A member of the second generation of Abstract Expressionist artists but a pioneer in her own right, Drexler created a daring and innovative style by incorporating the theories of her teachers, Hans Hofmann and Robert Motherwell, with personal reflections from nature and art historical influences such as Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Fauvism. Drexler’s paintings exude the atmosphere of the East Coast landscapes, which she inhabited throughout much of her life in Maine. Her richly toned paintings are beautifully composed in subtly differing shades, with each small brushstroke varying in direction. Drexler’s paintings achieve that quality rarely found in abstraction, by which our initial perceptual reaction begins to slowly unravel, revealing memories wrought from the natural world whilst stirring the inner parts of our subconscious.

Exhibitions with L V H
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Selected Work
Nature’s Cathedral, 1963 | Oil on canvas