Louise Giovanelli


Born 1993 in London. Lives and works in Manchester.

In her paintings Louise Giovanelli explores the tension between representation and materiality, figuration and abstraction, and how the mechanics of picture making shape our act of looking. Relating the contemporary to the historic, and the sacred to the profane, Giovanelli considers the significance and history of painting as a system of representation, exposing how the materiality of paint can carry and convey meaning. Necessitating a slowed-down pro-cess of looking, her intensely worked surfaces are delicate and luminous, expanding and reforming found imagery through studied methodological approaches. Notions of the temporal, the spectacle and performance come to the fore, traced through fragments drawn from wide ranging sources including early Renaissance painting, film stills and images of popular performers.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Peeping Tom, 2020 Oil on canvas 51.4 x 41.7 x 3 cm | 20 1/4 x 16 3/8 x 1 1/8 in