Katharina Grosse


b. 1961, Freiburg, Germany

Berlin-based painter Katharina Grosse’s brightly coloured, large-scale works traverse both two- and three-dimensions. Using acrylics applied with industrial spray guns, Grosse layers her paints such that the artworks become a kind of record of their own making; yet for Grosse, her electrifying and enlivened paintings reflect ‘a fundamental interest in the now’. Reminiscent of Abstract Expressionism, or even modern graffiti artists, Grosse’s works reflect her ambition to unlock the ‘anarchic potential of colour’, to reposition colour as a central force in contemporary art making.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Fo`Faux Rocks, 2007 Four lithographs Each: 100 x 68 cm | 39.4 x 26.8 in Edition of 40
Öhne titel, 2002 Acrylic on paper 101 x 66 cm | 39.7 x 26 in