Gabriele Adomaityte


b. Lithuania 1994

Gabriele Adomaityte transforms the visual information into paintings relying on her technical skills in tracing, copying and duplicating by hand. The artist paints from photographs, Xerox copies and many other forms of printed matter, addressing the amazing multiplicity of the visual world. In some of her works, a white frame around the image exemplifies that the picture is essentially a cut out from a much larger and boundless image world. The physical qualities of the source material are somehow preserved in the paintings. Adomaityte’s work seems to reinstall a sense of duration into imagery, exploring how images may continue to be actual.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
A Sharp Sense of Time, 2019 Oil in linen 190 x 150 cm
Media-Saturated, 2019 Oil and ink on linen 190 x 150 cm