Chris Succo


b. 1979, Dusseldorf, Germany

Known for his embrace of a variety of styles and techniques, Chris Succo’s oeuvre is extensive and resists categorisation; yet his works find commonality in their mostly minimalist palette of blacks, greys and whites, and their expressive, vivacious mark making. Using pop culture references for his works’ titles, Succo situates his artwork in the liminal space at which fantasy and the real overlap. Succo sees his artistry as a way of taming his media, of overcoming their constraints: ‘It’s about getting beyond their boundaries or limitations and to use them for your own purpose. It’s problem solving’, he claims.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
The Uneasy Pleasant, 2015 Oil and lacquer on linen 230 x 172.5 cm | 90 1/2 x 68 in