Anthony Cudahy


Born 1989 in Florida. Lives and works in New York.

Anthony Cudahy paints figurative compositions that show tender scenes of queer life, using source materials that range from found photographs to queer archival images and art-historical reproductions. A Hunter College MFA graduate and a devoted research-er and collector of images, Cudahy recontextualizes overlooked narratives and histories using his unique visual lexicon to create a world of intimate moments, poetic remembrances, and hopeful possibilities. His paintings —which have been featured in TheBrooklyn Rail and Artforum—often place his subjects in unspecified domestic and social spaces that refer to familiar places of gathering, while simultaneously evoking a transitory state of being.Cudahy’s signature vibrant, saturated hues lend a glowing quality to many of his compositions, as if his figures were lit from within.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Hand & flower (Pasolini’s dream ii), 2021 Oil on linen 51 x 41 cm | 20 x 16 in