Anne Collier


b. Los Angeles, CA 1970

Anne Collier is a visual artist working with appropriated photographic images, with her subjects just happen to be other photographs and found media. The artist considers herself a still life photographer in which her works dissect the conventions found in commercial photography, as well as their visual consumption. Collier is known for her meticulous staging and lighting, being particularly interested in revealing the relationship between cameras, sexualized women’s bodies, and the act of looking at these images.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Woman Crying #3, 2016 C-print 55,7 x 35 in | 134.6 x 89.6 cm 4/5 + 2 AP
Woman Crying #2, 2016 C-print 55.7 x 35 in | 134.6 x 89.6 cm 2/5 + 2 AP