Alexander May



Lives and works in New York

Alexander May’s work centres around language, often abstracting the formal characteristics of communication, such as the shapes of letters and numbers. While in Beirut, a patch of bright orange-­‐‑red dirt caught May’s eye. Bringing some of this dirt back with him to his studio in New York, he began painting with mud. With a background in sculpture, May also makes objects that often have audio components.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Crush, 2014 Aluminium, alcalyte resin, rubber, wood panel Ed 1/1 + 0 AP 213 x 142 x 4 cm / 83,86 x 55,91 x 1,58 in
Met Grass, 2014, Sheet rubber, enamel, wood panel, aluminium frame, 213.36 x 142.24 cm