Alex Foxton


Born in 1980 in England. Lives and works in Paris.

Alex Foxton’s painting takes traditional images of masculinity, deconstructs their archetypes and reveals their complexity and ambiguity. He explores the personal history of the heroes or mythical figures that inhabit our western culture, painting a new narrative. The figures depicted are stretched, torn be-tween a calm face and an expressive body, tortuous or ecstatic, underlining the tension of each character. Alex tries to get rid of the objective and dominant gaze that shapes these virile male figures to reveal an embodied vision and to let a desire for these bodies come to life.

Foxton broadens hips and shoulders and minimizes waists and jawlines to create androgynous male figures and sensual portraits that recall Modern masters Picasso and Matisse in their acrobatic forms and flat colors.

Exhibitions with L V H
Selected Work
Untitled, 2022 Oil on canvas 70 x 180 cm | 27,5 x 70,8 in